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At The Tire Discounter, we offer the highest quality products for both our retail and wholesale customers, including the following brands:


World famous Michelin brand passenger and SUV tires are sold at Tire Discounter. We would be pleased to recommend the right Michelin tire for your driving needs.

For over 100 years Michelin has been producing quality tire products for millions of customers worldwide. Michelin’s commitment has always been manufacture tires to exceed the highest standards of safety and reliability through research – development and testing. To learn more, visit Michelin at www.michelin.ca


Toyo tires are ‘Driven to Perform’. We will be pleased to review the features and benefits of selecting the right Toyo tires for your driving requirements. Whether you’re looking for quality passenger, SUV - Light Truck or ultra-high performance tires – Toyo has it all. Tire Discounter offers the complete Toyo line including the Toyo’s winter tires - specifically designed for Canadian winters. To learn more about Toyo tires please visit www.toyotires.ca


As the 7th largest tire manufacturer in the world, Hankook is committed to providing great quality products for all driving needs. Established in 1941, Hankook Tire continues to grow through the development of new innovative products at affordable prices. We carry a full line of Hankook products. To learn more about Hankook tires please visit www.hankooktire.ca


From passenger to sport truck to ultra performance tires BFGoodrich has always been a leader by which performance tires are measured. A heritage born from racing and a long history of producing world class performance tires makes BFGoodrich the tire to chose when you want to ‘Take Control’ of any road. At Tire Discounter we will be pleased to show you the advantages of driving on world class performance tires. To learn more about the many benefits of BFGoodrich, please visit www.bfgoodrich.ca


Sold in over 40 countries worldwide, Infinity tires are quickly becoming the choice for those looking for great quality tires at affordable prices. Sold exclusively at Tire Discounter locations, Infinity tires are available in passenger – performance and Light truck sizes. Infinity 049 winter tires were designed for demanding European driving. To learn more about Infinity tires please visit www.infinity-tyres.com


Delta tires have been a trusted brand for over 40 years. Delta Tires are sold throughout Ontario exclusively at Tire Discounter and major tire outlets. All Delta tires are built to exacting standards by some of the world’s leading tire manufacturers. Delta Tires sell for less while offering the same quality and reliability as major brands. Trust the Tire Discounter professionals to recommend the right Delta Tire for your driving needs. To learn more about Delta Tires please visit www.deltatire.com


Manufactured by Nexen Tire in Korea, Roadstone Tires are a trusted worldwide brand marketed in over 30 countries. Roadstone Tires are imported exclusively by Tire Discounter Group. Roadstone offer the very best in technology and quality for drivers looking for the advantages of a major brand tire at a private brand price. Roadstone Tires are offered in passenger – light truck and SUV sizes as well as a full line of winter sizes.

To learn more about the quality of Roadstone Tires please visit www.nexentireusa.com


For over a century Pirelli Tire have produced quality tires for all makes of vehicles. In fact in 1907 Pirelli won their first motorsport event – the renowned endurance race from Paris to Peking. Pirelli has forever been linked with the design and production of ultra high performance tires.

Some of the world’s most prestigious car manufacturers use Pirelli as their choice for original equipment tires. Recently Pirelli announced they are returning to Formula 1 racing and have been chosen the official supplier for the 2011 racing season.

Pirelli manufactures a wide variety of tire products, including the popular Pirelli Scorpion designed for SUV and light trucks.

We will be happy to discuss the right Pirelli tire for your vehicle. For more information on Pirelli tires, please visit www.us.pirelli.com

Wheels & Rims

American Racing Wheels is just one of the many wheel manufacturers that we represent here at the Tire Discounter. For a complete selection, please visit our other website.

Custom Wheels

If you require custom work for your vehicle’s wheels, let us know what you’re thinking and we will come up with something unique to your requests. We can custom order hard-to-find products if we don’t have it in stock.

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